MOLiCHiNO Lifetime VIP

We are so happy to announce the winner of the very first MOLiCHiNO Lifetime VIP title!

We also decided to have 3 runners up prizes as part of our re-opening celebrations!

The 3 runners up winners are:

China Falmer
Vanda Maertens
LeezahKaddour Resident

The 3 runners up winners will receive the next 3 new releases from MOLiCHiNO! Congratulations girls!

The grand prize winner and the first recipient of the MOLiCHiNO Lifetime VIP title is:

Caprycia Resident

Congratulations Caprycia! You will now receive every release from MOLiCHiNO from now onwards!

Stay tuned for more opportunities to win this very exclusive title!

Aurelia Chauveau

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