MOLiCHiNO is a virtual fashion brand operating in the virtual world of Second Life®. The brand was established in August of 2011 by Aurelia Chauveau.

MOLiCHiNO had humble beginnings on the Sim of Sedna, but moved to Lionheart Pumba soon after opening. This was the real beginning for MOLiCHiNO

MOLiCHiNO has participated in events such as Grenade Free Wednesday, and CHIC Management events such as Fashionably Late and Back to Black.

In late November 2011, MOLiCHiNO Moved to its flagship store on a full homestead sim of Cocoa Plum Cay, offering many more items for sale in the larger space.

In February of 2012, MOLiCHiNO was invited to be one of the pioneering fashion brands offering Second Life® Residents fashions with the new ‘Mesh’ Technology, as part of AVENUE’s MIX + MESH Spring fair, which included MOLiCHiNO’s very first fashion show!

MOLiCHiNO was a very busy brand in May of 2012, with events such as CHIC Management’s Culture shock, and the Ashraya Project. At both events, MOLiCHiNO released yet another set of mesh items, and provided items with 100% Proceeds going to the respective charities of the events.

Aurelia Chauveau was also interviewed by MarriellaAnna Resident from Costa Rica Sims, to coincide with 2 spring themed Fashion Shows, produced by Dream Seeker Productions. The event was to help raise funds for Feed a Smile Charity. And the result was over $100 RL dollars being raised!

September 2012 saw MOLiCHiNO celebrate its 1st year anniversary with a fashion show produced by Outrageous Glamour Agency. The fashion show was filled with older designs and many new designs celebrating whimsical formal wear which explored flexi and mesh designs.

In late 2012 MOLiCHiNO appointed Linda Reddevil as head Manager of MOLiCHiNO. Linda has always been an integral part of MOLiCHiNO events.

In 2013, MOLiCHiNO looks towards a bright future with Aurelia Chauveau striving to bring you the best fashions for your Second Life!

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