Ok, So I said I would never re-open the store in-world again but I changed my mind and now after 5 years of being closed, MOLICHINO is now open again!! Find all your old favourites, and a few new items in store!! Search for MOLICHINO in-world to teleport to the new store location!!

I really hope to bring back some great creations moving forward!! Look forward to sharing this journey with you all!

Hugs to all!

XOXO Aurelia.

MOLiCHiNO Closing


Words from MOLiCHiNO Owner/Designer, Aurelia Chauveau

MOLiCHiNO is closing its doors after 4 years in Second Life. This decision has been a tough one, but it feels like the right one.

MOLiCHiNO began at a point in my life where I needed an outlet for my creativity. I have enjoyed every minute of creating fashion for the women of Second Life since then. I have participated in many events, fashion shows, met a whole bunch of incredible people along the way.


Some questions you might ask:

When is the in-world store and marketplace closing? Sunday August 16th at Midnight SLT (Gives you all day Sunday to shop) All MOLiCHiNO products will be removed and wont ever be available again after this date.

Why are you closing MOLiCHiNO? It is a tough question to answer, it is just a feeling that now is the right time to end the journey of MOLiCHiNO.

Am I leaving Second Life? No. I’ll still log in every day!

Am I going to stop creating for Second Life entirely? I don’t think so. I will definitely create if I feel like it.

Am I going to re-open MOLiCHiNO sometime again in the future? No. The brand has special meaning to me and I will always remember it. But it’s time to move on.

Am I going to open a new store? Possibly. Who knows what the future holds.


I want to say thank you to:

MOLiCHiNO Fans: Thanks to all the fans and shoppers that have bought my products over the years, without you, my store might not have lasted this long.
MOLiCHiNO Bloggers: Thanks to all the bloggers who have ever blogged MOLiCHiNO items over the years. Your creativity astounds me! I have loved looking at your styles and pics!
MOLiCHiNO VIP Members: Thanks to all of my MOLiCHiNO VIP Group members, who loved the brand enough to take up a valuable group spot!
Event organisers/SL Magazine owners/Models: Thanks to all the event organisers who have asked me to participate in your amazing events and fashion shows! To the SL Magazine owners who allowed me a platform to advertise my store within your pages, thanks! And thanks to all the models out there who styled outfits with MOLiCHiNO items!

The last person I wanted to say thanks to is my Manager: Linda Reddevil. Linda has been a model in Second Life for such a long time. I admired her work for a long time before we became friends. I noticed her pictures of MOLiCHiNO items and asked her if I could display them in my store. She said yes and her pictures have lined the walls of MOLiCHiNO stores ever since. Her fantastic sense of style always made MOLiCHiNO fashion look better than I could ever imagine! Her support over the years has been amazing and I could not have had this journey without her!


Remember, the in-world store AND the marketplace will be closed, MOLiCHiNO products will no longer be sold after Sunday.

You can teleport to the store here
Or you can shop the marketplace here:

Hugs and kisses to you all!!
Aurelia Chauveau
Owner and Designer of MOLiCHiNO

New at MOLiCHiNO

MOLiCHiNO introduces it’s first foray into jewelry for Second Life!

Gold and Silver Cuffs in a special quilted pattern that just screams luxury! Both are 100% mesh, not rigged, copy/modify.

SLurl to the Main Store

We’re offering the Gold Cuffs today only for Fifty Linden Fridays at the Main Store!


Also, available at regular price are the Silver Cuffs. We hope you enjoy them both!


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