Here is a list of FAQ’s in relation to MOLiCHiNO:

Q) What permissions are on MOLiCHiNO Products?

A) All MOLiCHiNO Products come with: Copy / Modify / No Transfer Permissions. The exceptioin is rigged mesh items are Copy / No Modify / No Transfer Permissions.

Q) I bought a MOLiCHiNO product by mistake, can I get a refund?

A) Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds on No Transfer Permission items. If you have purchased the same product twice by mistake, we can refund the second purchase, to claim said refund, please send a notecard (to Aurelia Chauveau) with your full avatar name, and all details of your purchase from the transaction history of your account on the Second Life® website.

Q) The Sculpted prims on my MOLiCHiNO product don’t fit me or are “No Modify” how can you help?

A) Due to the diverse number of shapes in the world of Second Life®, many clothing items may not fit perfectly straight out of the box and will need to be modified. MOLiCHiNO products should have modify permissions, however if you encouter a problem, please contact Aurelia Chauveau for a replacement. If the item is Modify, and doesn’t fit you, you will have to go into build edit mode and adjust it to suit. There are many helpful sites on the Wiki and the Second Life® Forums to help you with adjusting prims.

Q) How do I know if MOLiCHiNO’s Mesh Items will fit me?

A) MOLiCHiNO adheres to the Standard Sizing System used throughout many Second Life® stores, and also provides a demo on all rigged Mesh Items so you may try before you buy.

Q) I bought a MOLiCHiNO Product, however it was never delivered, how can I get my purchase?

A) MOLiCHiNO has a re-delivery terminal located in the entrance on the front wall in the mainstore, simply touch it to have your items redelivered. Redelivery WILL NOT APPLY to MOLiCHiNO products NOT purchased at the mainstore. Due to lag at specific events, your item may not be delivered, you may contact Aurelia Chauveau with transaction details to have your item redelivered in this instance.

Q) I want to buy a MOLiCHiNO Item as a gift for a friend, how do I do that?

A) To send a MOLiCHiNO Gift to a friend, please right click any item in the mainstore, and select GIFT from the menu. Please follow the instructions in the local chat to send the product to your friend. Your friend can also choose to utilise the Redelivery terminal at the mainstore if their item was not delivered.  Alternatively, purchasing products on the Marketplace offers option for gifts.

Q) How do I keep up to date with all MOLiCHiNO new releases?

A) There are several ways you can find out about new releases! Join our subscrib-o-matic update group, Join the MOLiCHiNO vip update in-world group to receive notices, free gifts and store discounts, Follow Aurelia Chauveau on PLURK, Add Aurelia Chauveau on Flickr or “LIKE” the MOLiCHiNO Facebook page.

Q) I want to be a store model – will you hire me?

A) I do not have a store model position, I do not intend to at this point.

Q) Are you hiring?

A) MOLiCHiNO is a growing business and may need additional staff in the future. You are welcome to apply by sending a notecard to Aurelia Chauveau with details of your skills.

Q) Are you willing to collaborate with other designers as part of special projects?

A) I am always willing to listen and learn from others, if you think we could work well together, please contact me with ideas.

Q) Do you do custom designs?

A) I am willing to listen to your ideas, if you need something for a special event, or a re-colour of an item already at the mainstore, I am definitely willing to help out! Please note that fees will be involved for re-colours and prices for custom designs will depend on the complexity and time taken.

Any other questions can be directed to Aurelia Chauveau via IM or a notecard if I am offline.

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