Howdy ya’ll. Hope you’re having one heck of a day. Won’tcha ya’ll visit MOLiCHiNO at the Rhapsody Event which runs from June 28th – July 12th?

Two NEW exclusive items can be had for you gents as well as a new color for the ladies in the ever-popular Ruffle Corset. Uh huh, ya’ll heard that right guys! Now even the gents can be a looker wearin’ MOLiCHiNO.

So get yourselves all worked up and head on over to the Rhapsody Event, ya hear? Hop on the LM to Rhapsody and then pay attention to MOLiCHiNO on the map (see below), dangit. We’re in the Country Music section!



Rhapsody Map

Fashion For Kids Event

MOLiCHiNO is participating in a new event: Fashion for Kids. The Event is to raise funds for K.I.D.S., a children’s charity that aids in the development of children through nourishment and education by feeding the bodies and minds of young children.

Fashion for K.I.D.S. is a week long charity event which will take place from April 14th to April 24th in order to support this worthwhile charity.


K.I.D.S helps many children in distress situations such as homelessness, low literacy rate, victims of domestic violence, children with serious illness, and military families. This wonderful charity donates 97 percent of the donations they receive to the children and families they serve.

More information on this charity can be found at:


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